How to set up a new domain

If you have a domain name, log in to your registrar’s control panel and point the domain name to your server. (Need help?)

Otherwise, you can just use to access your website. Note how the dots in your domain are converted to dashes.

To add a new domain, log in to your control panel. (Need help logging in?)

Navigate to Web section. Then click on the ‘Add Web Domain’ button.

Fill in the domain field with your domain – Do not include the protocol identifier www.

If you have a dedicated IP, then you can select it from the IP address drop down.

Check DNS Support if you are managing DNS records on VestaCP.

Check Mail Support if you are managing email accounts on VestaCP.

Click the ‘Add’ button and you’re done.

By default, VestaCP will:

  • create an alias for the protocol identifier www. ex:
  • create an alias which you can use before you point your name server or until they propagate –
  • create all DNS records required,
  • set up an FTP account which you can access with your login credentials which you used to log into VestaCP,
  • set up Mail. All you need to do is set up your email accounts. (Need help?)

Advanced Options

Advanced Options offers further options:

  • Additional web aliases (Need help?)
  • Proxy Support – You should leave this option checked.
  • SSL Support – Enable this option & install your SSL certificate (Need help?)
  • Additional FTP (Need help?)
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