How to access email accounts via webmail

There are several ways you can check your email. For instance, desktop email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail or web-based clients such as Gmail to check your email are all popular alternatives. You can also check your email from your phone using apps such as Gmail and Mail.

Alternatively, you can access your mail using webmail. Webmail is another tool you can use to send and receive email. This tool is different because you can access it using a web browser. It doesn’t require you to install or setup any software. You simply log into webmail and begin to use it from anywhere with access to the internet using a browser.

To access Webmail follow these steps:

Be sure to replace with your domain name.

  • Enter your username and password, and then click Login.

User Name: Enter your full email address, all lower case
Password: Enter your email address password

webmail login form

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