How to set up a catch-all email

A ‘catch-all’ email account collects all messages addressed to non-specified usernames at the domain.

For example:
Your domain is and you set up a catch-all email as You have two email accounts set up for this domain, such as and All emails addressed to this domain (, except and will be routed to the catch-all mailbox.

You can use set up a catch-all email at your domain through your control panel.

Log in to your control panel. (Need help logging in?)

Navigate to Mail section. Then select the domain you want to create the catch-all email for and click on the ‘Edit’ button.

Input your catch-all email address in the catch-all field and click Save.

To actually be able to check your email received through the catch-all email, the mailbox must be a valid account.You might want to create a catch-all email box or use an already existing email account.

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