Presently, you might be using the built in, standard reports and layouts installed with Sage. These may be suitable for some. As users start demanding more from the system or require a better layout and better presentation of the data and documentation sent to their business counterparts, they will feel necessity for editing or creating personalized layouts.

If you feel that this your situation, then drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind. We will tell you if this is possible and if you agree, we will make it happen. We can do it on-site or remotely via email or our remote support.

Custom Reports.

  • Remove unwanted detail
  • Add new fields
  • Amend or create calculations
  • Change formatting
  • Extract data held within Sage

Any data held in Sage can be extracted, formatted and grouped. It can be previewed on screen, saved to files or even better to Excel for further analysis if required.

Custom Layouts.

Sage layouts include product and service invoices and credit notes, remittance advices, cheques, letters and labels.

  • Add company logo, ISO or other logos, brands
  • Add new fields - for example last payment received date on a statement
  • Make Sage invoices look like cash sales when you're paid cash
  • Create Sage layouts to fit your company letterhead
  • Create Sage layouts to use on blank paper
  • Include telephone and additional contact details
  • Include credit control information and messages
  • Change formatting, positioning, boxes, fonts and colours
  • Advertise your products or offers on your invoices or other layouts