There is no doubt that Sage 50 Accounts (previously known as Sage Line 50) provides for comprehensive management of your accounting requirements. Most companies, however, do not optimize their use of this product. This stems both from a lack of staff training in how Sage works, and from the fact that the product is not always set up to dovetail with your specific business requirements.

Sage 50 Accounts Technical Advice

There are several cases where you might need to seek technical advice with using Sage 50 Accounts.

Some of these might be:

  • just starting to use Sage 50 Accounts
  • starting a new line of business
  • implementing Sage across a network
  • considering Sage as your accounting system
  • need to implement a new procedure
  • need to start using Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
All the above may raise questions.
  • Is Sage 50 Accounts suitable for our requirements?
  • Will Sage 50 Accounts fulfill our needs?
  • How will we set up our chart of accounts?
  • How should we go around using Sales Orders and Purchase Orders?
  • Do we need them in the first place?
  • We need to start trading a completely different product. Can we use departments in this case?
  • How should we use them?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Will we be able to know what each line of business is returning?

We can answer your questions and help you setup and build a way of working with Sage 50 Accounts to get out the most of your accounting package with the least effort possible.

Sage 50 Accounts Customization

Get Sage 50 Accounts to boost your company's image by using layouts that uses your logo and colours. You may also include your brands on your invoices and/or statements. This can be done either by using pre-printed stationery or by implementing your logo in your layouts. In both cases you will need to configure your layout design. Layouts are used in all printouts, both digital and hard copy, such as for invoices, remittance advices, statements, letters, etc.

We can design and implement new layouts and reports. We can also design and print any pre-printed stationery you may require.

Many companies require reporting that is outside the scope of a standard Sage installation. We can get you the information you require by custom writing your reports. Please contact us with any requirement you may have and we will be more than glad to discuss your requisitions.