Great product images don't cost a fortune, but will make all the difference for any successful online store...

If you are like most people who have spent any time on the internet, you will have seen many disappointing websites which have been let down by poor photography. This is particularly evident in online stores where the images of products just aren't up to it - if they have images at all! We can help with this - our experience in product photography means your new website will have a set of images worth writing home about.


We offer two types of service for product photography.

still product photography
360 product photography

Still Product Photography.

High quality images are central to the success of your website and the appeal of your marketing material. We offer different packages for still product photography depending on your needs.

Rates for photography projects are competitively quoted based on the specific needs of your project. Factors such as project size, product complexity, and optional features such as transparencies determine the overall cost of your project. For basic projects, we offer the following rate table as a guide.

1 image
each product
10 products
30 products
50 products
3 images
each product
10 products
30 products
50 products
5 images
each product
10 products
30 products
50 products

Factors such as group shots, shiny finishes, extra setup & assembly, or particularly challenging products may affect these rates.

What is included.

  • White background with optional natural shadow
  • Photo editing to correct dust and minor imperfections
  • Re-packing of products
  • High resolution (300dpi) images for print in JPG format
  • Low resolution (72dpi) images for online use in JPG format
  • Instant online delivery through an ftp account
  • Delivery of all images on a DVD

A Better Shopping Experience.

Adding 360-degree product animations to your website will also attract more attention to your products. The more you can show the customer about the product, the better. They will have a better shopping experience and will probably be more likely to re-visit or recommend your site.

Why Go 360 Degrees?

The writing is on the wall. Customers want to see as many pictures of your product as they can before purchasing. The large companies are all moving to 360 degree product views on their website and you should too.

Service firms charge a pretty penny for creating a 360-degree image in Flash format. After all, it requires a lot of knowledge and time to create a file like that. One would have to know about digital photography and lighting, advanced image editing, image stitching, how to use Flash, website programming and not to mention invest in some specific equipment like a good camera, Photoshop, special tripods and a physical rotation device.

Although flash is popular not all browsers support it. For this reason we do not recommend our 360 product in flash format although we do provide it if requested. We recommend a number of images for each product that when used with a script installed on your website works seamlessly on any browser including mobiles and tablets.

The numbers of images recommended for a perfect 360° is 36 images — one image every 10°— although an 18 image set will do a good job also.

Kindly contact us for a quotation.

360° Spin Photography.